In the past week, we have strengthened our search for a social worker. The personal care and counseling of the NAOMI participants (participants in the courses, residents of the apartments rented) must be professionally designed and criteria for the assistance must be drawn up. This is an attempt about reporting the plan of the job description based on the needs and the goals of NAOMI: 

1.) Volunteers are recruited and receive guidance and instructions, agreements are made and support concepts developed and adapted to new situations. Contracts with volunteers and their reports are followed up. 

2.) On the one hand, the accompaniment for the participants in the German courses, which all applied for the procedure of family reunification with german speaking countries, is important so that they can prepare themselves well for the interviews and the provision of documents and make arrangements with the relatives in Germany. In special cases the tickets for the trip to Germany can also be paid, as with the visa permits by the German Embassy. Participation in the German courses in NAOMI is accompanied and promoted. Agreements with the partner organizations that transfer clients to German courses are taken. Offers that aim to prepare for a life in Germany are developed. Those who are hosted in apartments of NAOMi are also supported in questions of the location, and we try to follow up the accommodation issues (damages and repairs). 

3.) On the other hand, the social worker will advise and support all participants in sewing courses and in the sewing workshop. This is about tackling everyday life, especially about integration in Greece. Participants in these courses are, above all, refugees who are not part of the relocation program of the EU or a family reunion, i.e. people from Africa, Afghanistan and other countries. Training needs, job search, finding assistance programs, housing and networking with other social institutions and transfers are tasks of the job, to find their rights in society and a self determined life in Greece as a welcoming country. Also, limited financial aid is to be granted according to certain criteria. For all those who came to Greece before 2015, there are no special programs, but they are treated like Greeks, so Greek institutions must be known. It will be more than needed to create a network and to prepare them for asking their rights in the Greek reality and social system.  

4.)  Together with the core team of NAOMI, in continuous contact and regular meetings, the goals of the sewing workshop and the German courses and social worker work are continuously regarded  in order for all of us to check and adapt the same goals. Social worker is part of a common effort and a common learning process of all employees, volunteers and board members in the frame of the statute for the support of our clients and social participation and social justice.

 The NAOMI social work is not an open counseling center, but is especially for those who participate in the NAOMI courses and groups. These are more than 80 people. Registrations forms and documentation of activities  are demanded.

 5.) Emergency cases: Only in exceptional cases and in special emergency cases can refugees from outside be given social support and financial support temporarily and after transfer through partner organizations. This also applies to demands for help from camps-authorities or other supporter- groups who don’t have the emergency budget.


Dorothee Vakalis, Pfrin. i. R.

Tel.: 0030 694 2516 220


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